Daily Prompt: Panic

The other day I was taking a domestic flight with my two kids, over a short distance of two hours.  Now in terms of time it seems little and no one knows exactly how much havoc, or life and death threatening this short span of time can really be unless one has faced a trauma and survived it.  My daughter the intrepid disbeliever of this maxim, “Be careful what you ask for”.  In jest it seemed desired to know what air  turbulence felt like.  We had hardly been cleared for take off, and the cabin crew all secured,  waited till we had leveled off.


When there was a shudder that shook our plane from nose to tail.  Then it became stronger and stronger, talk subsided the belts that had been unfastened were ordered in place again The cabin crew had to be fastened up as well.  .Talk subsided, one man in front was telling his wife everything will be o.k.  The shuddering and turbulence was getting more intense.  the lady n front started crying softly.  The cabin crew started explaining emergency exit measures.  The lady in front was sobbing openly now she was pregnant with their first baby.  My kids who were giggling and laughing before, now had grown silent an pale.  I started saying prayers wondering if this was the final curtain call.  All this lasted for 45 minutes the longest  I can remember being in a panic and sweating in the cool cabin.  The crew too were all seriously trying to avoid hysteria breaking out.  Then it was over and the skies became calm and all of a sudden it was as if there was never any problem at all.  Talk resumed and life began again.  It brought to mind Robert Browning’s reassuring words,”God is in heaven all is right with the world.”  .

Daily Prompt: Pretend

The prefix pre before tend is speaking in itself.  Before tendering to give any reply or reaction a little forethought and pre-planning is necessary.  Now you will ask why.  Before speaking think what your answer will evoke in the heart of the listener.  Will it be positive or negative and only then let your lips utter what you think is better.  However that is not the way of the world..It gives prompt and immediate reply with no thought of the message itself.  Is it true, for eg. You tell a balding gentleman what a beautiful crown of hair he has!!  he knows the facts f the case and will secretly despise you for your words meant to boost his ego, flattery will get you nowhere.


Why pretend when tending is the best care you can give to flora-fauna and mankind.  Say no to pretense and you will be intense in your relationships with others.  Don’t believe me??  Just try it be the real you no masks to hide behind, like the ostrich burying his head in the sand believes that the whole of him s hidden.  See and be the bigger picture and you will look and feel better.

Just Thinking Out Loud

I just started walking in a joggers park for the benefit of slimming down.  The actual decision to start doing so stemmed from the fact that a housewife’s daily string of chores hardly leaves any time for herself.  There are those few who would leave everything to the servants and just walk off, considering it a bonus deserved and in doing so is blessed with a figure desirable and an much admired.  Mine however was not the case as   getting breakfast prepared and packed and sending the  the kids off to school and college and then attending to the string of never ending daily chores leaves little time for an early morning walk in the park.


Now this well meaning friend told me to just take time off, and to walk my extra pounds off.  So many offs and not place for if’s and I was shunted off to become healthy and happy.  My first tentative morning was one filled with trepidation.  Would I be cutting an incongruous figure? Would there be more women like me around? would I stand out like a sore thumb?  …And then suddenly I was in front f the park gates,   It was one busy place there were joggers and walkers, runners and jumpers.  exercisers and meditators..  There were  all age groups the young , the middle aged, the old and the very old.  Everyone was walking or doing their own thing, it was so beautiful!! No one was bothering anyone, each one there was with a purpose, and that was to exercise.  There were singles, and couples and groups.  However no one got in anyone’s way, all were courteous to each other.


There were people from all religions as one could see from their accoutrements of attire, religious greetings, and chanting.  Then it dawned on me that in pursuit of happiness and health there is no religious difference.  deference and respect is paid to each other irrespective of their caste , creed or status.  If we can be happy walking in the park ,then why not be happy walking the walk of life in our public dealing and duties.  Why then do we shut off the childlike acceptance of each other once we don our public masks.  Why can’t we be like little children?  Honest, humane carefree, sincere and true to ourselves?


Now just in front of the park is this Church and since I am a Christian every time I came in front of the Church during my rounds of walking,  I would bow in acknowledgement of God’s presence.  I thought I was doing well when suddenly I heard Gd’s voice, it seemed telling me, “Very good you are doing so much for your body, exercising it, dressing it, feeding it and grooming it every moment of your life but what about your spirit- your soul?  what are you doing for it?. The body will one day be dead and gone, all your energy will come to nothing then what?  I realized my mistake in caring for the body I had forgotten my soul.  Going to Mass is the center of every Christian’s life.  It gives us the boost for facing the gusts of change in health, wealth and fortune,  so with a little effort of rising a little earlier I am able to save both my body and soul.  I thank God for speaking to me that day.  Are you tuned to hearing the vice of God?  It can be anywhere , anytime, God’s Wifi is everywhere, we just have to consciously tune in.


Leave our troubles outside that park get and get going with business of living every day as if it is our last.  We are here today, gone tomorrow and will be remembered for our yesterdays.  So that day I learnt that not only walking the walk, and talking the talk is enough, but the tiny details along the way, like the smile of a child, the cry of the soaring eagle, the old couple holding hands and walking, all taught me that Every Second Counts.  Not the many years of nothingness but the seconds invested in loving, caring, and spreading happiness  is what matters.  The wafting fragrance of memories from that morning walk will remain forever in my heart and will be a solace in the desert of life.  I wish all who read this article of mine, just take that walk in the park, and you will be surprised  at what you will find.  Just take that walk


Dr. Judith Singh..






blu c

I like the transparent seasons, the winds of change are bringing into my heart.

It spins around in time, tens of thousands of times, and in this process of turning

Light is born.


Even beyond the limitless sky, into which sunlight dissolves, crystal blue stretches endlessly.

My accelerating thoughts race, tumultuously flowing at their own accord, I can’t stop them,

And new dreams have begun.


I can feel my innocent vow made from the heart, though I did not know the words,

Towards the flowing waters racing off to meet the ocean, let me send my heart flying,

To discover new adventures.


I love the transparent seasons, the winds of change are heralding a new start,

My fears have all vanished, A passionate symphony streams out of my heart

I’m beginning to find my feet.


I have gripped life tightly in my hand, my heartbeat a signpost that will guide me.

Gradually, slowly I feel a throbbing in the air, something singing in my ear,

Proceed now without any fear.


The more I strain to listen closely, the more nostalgic grows the sound,

To reach out and grasp with trembling hands, the inheritance that was destined as mine,

Since time immemorial.


There is a gate standing wide open, beckoning me into the eternal blue ever enveloping,

Connecting me to hopes unlimited, now I have not the tinniest doubt, reality reflected in my eyes,

I am now awakening.


This  being the wish of my heart, to the Omnipotent and Irreplaceable Power to give impetus,

Place my feet firmly in this universe of his, to believe in myself and to ever outshine,

I have at last arrived




Dr. Judith Singh


Sylvan Solace


treTrees are lovely, trees are green,

It’s trees that make a sylvan scene;

Whether medium short or tall,

Garden varieties big or small.

They fill our surrounds with such grace,

While absorbing harmful gases that occupy our space.


We litter here, we litter there,

We scatter so much harm without a care;

Papers, peels, bottles and rags,

Old shoes, slippers and myriad plastic bags.

Can’t we thinkers of the human race,

Refrain from being creatures of such disgrace.


Trees toil while we sleep,

To replenish gases that we deplete;

Selflessly they give us fruit and shade,

Better than the best things man has ever made;

While all we think of is so rude,

We only cut them down for wood


Can’t we learn lessons from the trees?

From the leaves that frolic in the breeze;

How both work from morn to night,

To save the earth from a disastrous plight.

How often are you and I seen?

Working for causes that matter unseen.


Dr. Judith Singh



Even if you loved me continued…


Shalini knew that she would be doing the right thing, continuing the course and working with senior faculty in designing projects, would get her the adequate extra exposure and experience that such a partnership afforded.  She signed up with two lady Professors, and her time and days were full of work, work and more work.  Hungry for more knowledge and ready to cut corners with mealtimes and family times; as for friends that was almost a non-existent factor.  Friendships have to be nurtured, and it takes time and dedication to keep friends, a luxury she had long ago blocked off. She gradually cocooned herself into becoming the proverbial bookworm.  But as we all know, all work and no play makes Jack or Jill a dull boy or girl,  the same thing was happening here only Shalini was oblivious to everything except getting to where she dream’t to be, at the top in her profession.

Like a flash she was in her final year, and the family decided that it was high time she got married and started looking for a suitable groom.  Many were the prospective suitor profiles given to her by mother once it was approved by father and Shalini diligently kept filing them, without even  glancing at the faces or their details lest she be tempted into daydreaming about her future life with any of the selected few, chosen by her parents.  Then one fine day, her mother asked her to take a few days off from college as some of the shortlisted suitors would be coming over to see her.  Unlike most girls, who immediately demure and shy away from the elders to preen and prime herself before the mirror in sweet imaginings,   Shalini was most matter of fact about the matter, as if it happened to be of little or no significance.  For her it was like having to decide what clothes or shoes to wear.  Exasperated, her mother started phoning a couple of her school friends, only to find no one available.


An assortment of ethnic outfits were brought and kept in her room by her mother for the,  traditional custom of appearing before the boy and his family for the first view of their prospective daughter-in-law.  Shalini preferred to choose an outfit from her everyday apparel rather than the party wear chosen by her mother.  Her philosophy behind this was that if they wanted to see her, it would be better for them to have the true and unfussy look, the kind that should be portrayed in everyday living, rather than the glamour girl,  as shown in television serials. Again it was that   her thought processes that dictated her choice.  According to the traditional “ seeing of the girl,”  which demanded that she doll up and be at her best,  meant putting on a charade, a false illusion which, when  after wedding reality revealed her actual self without the frills and fancies, the boy and his people would feel cheated.  It was in fact a protest against the entire system that made her appear in a casual outfit.


There was an immediate shocked silence, at her appearance.  Shalini’s parents sensed a revolt and suspected that she was trying to put them down publicly.  While the boy’s parents were affronted with the idea that this match was against her wishes and that she may have affections for someone else.  Shalini as usual, oblivious to the consternation and disapproval, she had aroused,  set about being the perfect hostess, offering the visiting parents the usual dainties and since silence seemed to be too awkward,  made some mundane remark about the weather having changed and went over to the air conditioner to turn down the temperature.  The visiting eligible groom however, was intrigued by Shalini and made an effort to rescue the frayed edges of collective nerves by helping himself to some tea on the table.  He then got everyone involved in pleasantries and smiled in assurance at Shalini’s responses to his mother’s queries.

He then asked permission that he and Shalini adjourn to the terrace garden alongside the room, in order to be better acquainted with her, away from the conversation of stilted and guarded replies that the parents were fencing with each other.  “I’m Karan”, he smiled deprecatingly and I know you’re Shalini, and I like your casual simplicity more than everything else about you.”  He had a leisurely stride and a calming presence, this was the best part of him which she liked and from there started what in the coming days was a blissful blur.  They had exchanged contact numbers and he kept phoning and arranging small things they could do together.  They window shopped in malls, watched films, walked in the park.  All after office hours for both of them.  It had been decided that after a fortnight, of such safe non committal getting to know each other they would let the parents know if they still really liked each other well enough to consider getting married.  All too soon, it seemed that time had flown and it was time to let their parents know.  But Shalini wanted more time and more knowledge of Karan before giving her all important answer       -“Yes, this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.”  She told her mother how she felt and mother in turn told father and he in turn told Karan’s parents.


Karan stopped phoning, two days went by and no call.  Surely he had received her request to increase the time of getting to know each other and of course he would agree.  Two more days and Shalini checked with her father, just in case he had not given the message properly.  “Sugar, the guy does not seem to be interested, leave it.”  Shalini could not believe it.  Karan was very supportive of all her views so far and she had been sure a request for more time would be received with equal enthusiasm from his side.  Instead this freeze over of calls, was not good and she still wanted to be with him hearing his voice, his shoulder brushing against her’s while walking, the way had of throwing his head back and laughing.  How he gazed off into the distance while reminiscing about his childhood.  How he focused on her only when he was talking, it had made her feel special.  How his aftershave smelt, wafting on the breeze.  Walking along beside him listening to the things he said,  it had felt so familiar as if she had known him in a previous life.  Twin souls, sharing glimpses of their past in the present moments.  Shalini reached for her mobile and dialed his number, a slight smile on her face, now she would hear his voice and things would be back to normal between them, only to hear the recorded message, please stay on the line or call later.  She waited, and after a reasonable pause, dialed again, to find calls diverted and after few rings it rang off.


That night Shalini could not sleep.  Surely by now he had seen her call and deliberately did not call back, he had then placed his calls on divert.  In her young life she had never given room for anyone to occupy her thoughts, nor had she thought anyone special enough to allow them the power to distract or attract her and now, in all good faith, at her parents bidding, she had agreed to meet this person and try to find out whether she wished to spend the rest of her life with him.  She had maintained all the parameters of psychical distance from him as was appropriate, and just, only just because she wished for more time to get to know him he  was being so irrational.


He had not called back and a week had passed.  Shalini felt jilted a new experience for her.  She was easy-going and friendly and though not intimate with anyone in particular she was not aloof in general.  At night, time for introspection and she went over all the details in her mind of their “we time together”,  was it all in her head alone?  Had she been too trusting, to analyze, his well chosen answers.  Were they the kind men rehearsed, hoping to please the listener, but not honest in the least.  Was the time they spent together part of a well rehearsed charade?  Even if he loved me a wee little bit, would this behavior be an indication of the days to come.  Was he this way with all the other prospective girls he met?  Oh this was not easy, it was so painful, maybe, and she was in love with the idea of being in love with him rather than him being even remotely interested in her.  Was all and everything he said just an imaginary experience that she in her naivety had mistaken for love?  Was this what was called infatuation?  A word she thought she knew the meaning of .  Now its connation’s were too hurtful, she didn’t want to deal with the fact that it might just be infatuation.  Shalini cried herself to sleep in a teary pillow.


Dreams are the phantom grounds for might-have beens, maybes, and the questions are endless.  Why do people break hearts?  Why did he have to pretend when she was being honest all the time.  Was it foolhardiness to be honest?  And then came the answer, “  You are too good for him.  Good you found out now before getting married.  What else may he have been hiding?  Would he have done the same thing after getting married?  Going out late nights and then keeping the phone on divert or other settings to avoid being honest about his whereabouts?   Maybe there are other women.  Maybe he was laughing about her with his friends or worse still with his other female friends.  The considerations became a nightmare of no escape her big- young heart broke in the stillness of the night.


That night, as it had been for the past week, the doorknob to her room turned, and revealed both mother and father in dressing gowns, eyes awash with tears, looking at their baby, now all grown-up but still their tiny toddler, was taking her first steps to adulthood and heartbreak.  If he could father would have punched Karan until he had doubled up in pain, for hurting his little princess, whom he had kept wrapped up in safe cotton wool, waiting for her prince charming.  Mother cradled the sleeping head of her child wondering why kids had to grow up.  Why did they have to face the cruelty of the world, when all the time they had been taught to love and be good? Is there an easy way to discover the love of your life?  Is there such a thing as perfect love?  Looking at the man of her life before her, struggling with his emotions, for the man that had caused his baby such pain.  Mother discovered the answer to the myriad questions, storming her soul.  That life is a struggle we must face it, the love of life has to face struggles, overcome them and prove itself with time.  Just as the two of them now silvered at the temples, were discovering that their own road was not strewn with roses.  Love makes stumbling blocks steps, those truly in love, hold hands over the rough patches and emerge parents to some amazing offspring who must walk their respective paths in faith, supported with loving family at all times.  They together covered their sleeping child,  and left the room confident that their child was ready to face the world again.














Dear Future Boyfriend

This is what one considers in every relationship and ought to be shared with the youth so that when considering their life partners these things will receive priority listing for the good of both. So nice listininng to your musings.. Keep it flowing

What If We Had 3?

Wow what an inspirational experience and Im glad you shared it. Many parents keep going through dilemmas like yours and have no idea where to get inspired and with what courage. G
Godbless you both

JOYfull Inspirations, LLC

baby feet

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Have you every been faced with a decision and you had no idea what to do? Did you wonder if there really was a right or wrong decision? If you asked me 20 years ago how I made my decisions, I’d say “Pray and flip a coin 3 times and go with 2 out of 3.” But as I grew in my faith walk and relationship with the Lord, I realized my decisions warranted a lot more than a flip of a coin. God has plans for my life and He has plans for yours too.


About 6 years ago, I was faced with a very important decision. My husband and I “thought” we were done having children. So…

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Beyond the power of reasoning, beneath an opaque veil,.

Under a curtain of vines intoxicating lies love in sweet travail

No one should dare awaken her, for once her dreamings cease,

She’ll force you to obey her, with practiced but forceful ease.


No one has yet deceived her, none but few of the bravest tell,

The price you pay to overpower, to break but one love spell.

Therefore leave her alone, my friend, take care to avoid her snare,

For in this manner she w ill unbend, and together happiness you will share.


Her practiced art is headier than wine, her murmuring mysteries sweet’

You succumb but once and then you’ll find, no sweeter prison and so complete.

Yet through it all you’ll finally know, to reach at last her radiant glow,

Why all of us do toil and strain, to hear forever her joyous refrain.

 by Dr. Judith Singh.


There are so many kinds of love in life the above poem encompasses the kind shared between two lovers of the opposite sex.  the reason to specify is obvious.  The natural is best and fulfilling simultaneously.  Remember that first love how your heart stood still and the mouth clammed up, your eloquence deserted you, and you made a perfect fool of yourself.   Though most of the time you were the most eloquent, composed cool chick or cock of the walk, a mere chance meeting your beloved had your salivary glands malfunction, your knees weak and your breath catch in your throat.  Reducing  your glamour quotient to zephyr.  Why ??  Was it so terrible as to strike terror into your soul??  What were the equations involved ?  Where did everything disappear?  Whose fault could it be attributed to?  Can it have been because of whose product you were?  Was it that the sum total that did not add up to the others expectations.  Might it have been the divisions laid down by your parents?   O?r could it be only the plain simple you?


All of the above reasons are equally valid and vital answers to this age old dilemma.  Don’t be alarmed if you have been through this gamut of emotions in one swell sweep.It is most common and on the other hand if all this did not happen at the moment under discussion then nothing to be alarmed about it just is not the special destined flame, love of your life but an infatuation.


Shalini  was floating down the road in a dreamy pink and white lace dress, the sun streaming down on her brown glossy tinted hair.  She was oblivious to her surroundings , to the traffic on the road, the glaring  sun , blaring horns and screeching brakes all this was outside inside her was a glow of well being as she had just topped in her semester break and was now well into her second year of Fashion Design at NIFD  a much coveted and desirable position.  She had done better than most in her batch of classmates and        

.to be continued…….